New Angulated Screw Channel Technology


Small adjustment. BIG DIFFERENCE.

MTX gives you freedom of movement from 0° to 25° to rectify angulation issues in implants,
allowing you to create more aesthetic outcomes for your patients.


Screw-retained restorations eliminate residual cement problems that can affect the aesthetics of the final crown. However, the screw channel is not always in the perfect position to achieve a desirable outcome. Our unique Multi-Axial (MTX) technology provides you with an alternative in implant restorations to correct the angle of an implant. The MTX angulated screw channel offers you flexibility of movement from 0° to 25° from the implant axis. As a result, screw-retained implant restorations are possible in areas such as the maxillary anterior teeth. The screw channel can be placed aesthetically on the palatal side which eliminates the possibility of residual cement.

Fact sheet

Sample clinical case:

All-inclusive Angulated Screw Channel Package includes*:

  • Analog
  • Titanium screw
  • Screw-retained crown
  • Titanium base
  • Soft tissue model

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