TrioClear Aligners

TrioClear Aligner System - A Modern Approach To Clear Aligners

TrioClear is an innovative new clear aligner solution designed to transform your service and your patients’ smile. Compared to traditional approaches of clear aligners or braces. TrioClear uses a 3-step regime that requires patients to change incrementally through different thickness aligners during the treatment period. It is an exceptionally versatile solution that can successfully treat cases requiring minimal to moderate tooth movement and for rectifying teething malocclusions.

TrioClear Brochure (ROI)


TrioClear Workflow (ROI)


The Dynamic Three Step Solution

TrioClear’s unique three-step solution allows more movement per step than most other systems. During treatment, patients will gradually and continuously improve their teeth by wearing 3 different clear aligners ranging from SOFT, MEDIUM, and HARD within each weekly interval. The more frequent change of trays also prevents stains from building up and promotes better oral hygiene.

Patented Technology

The TrioDim Force technology is unique to TrioClear aligners and implemented in all cases by our experience technicians. Depending on the specific movement required, our dental technicians will design the dimples/divot at very specific locations according to the TrioDim Force principles. These TrioDim Spots will help achieve highly targeted rotation forces without the need for multiple attachments and bumps.

Exclusive to Southern Cross Dental

TrioClear is sold exclusively through Southern Cross Dental in Ireland. When you buy through Southern Cross Dental, you can be assured that you will receive all the ongoing support you need to start treating your patients with TrioClear.

After you send your initial patient consultation moulds and digital photos, our team is here to provide whatever level of support you need. Right from free case assessment, customised VIP service to expert treatment planning review, we can help you treat your patients to achieve the best possible aesthetic outcome.

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