Partial Dentures



Material Options

Two material options are available in acrylic with or without metal:

1. Standard – The standard material for full dentures.
2. High impact – This is suitable for full or partial dentures.

This material permits high impact strength, dimensional stability and high flexural strength.

Flexible dentures:

  • More comfortable, aesthetic and easier to insert than metal-based partials
  • Acrylic or metal allergies or who would simply prefer a metal-free removable
  • Minimally invasive
  • Contraindicated when vertical clearance is limited to 4.0 mm or when abutment teeth have minimal undercuts
  • Difficult to adjust, may stain or develop odours over time, and
  • Teeth cannot be added after the initial denture is fabricated.

Cast Framework

  • Metallic frameworks are made from a selection of different alloys customised for each patient
  • Cobalt chrome is the most popular type of material and has achieved a high level of success for RPDs
  • Gold alloys are not widely used, but provide excellent fit and flexibility
  • Titanium RPD frameworks are light, flexible and non-allergenic. They need more bulk for strength and do not polish as well as cobalt chrome


Clasps can be made of either metal, tooth-coloured or clear.

1. Metal

This is usually wrought and occasionally can be cast and made of gold.

2. Tooth-coloured – Dental D Tooth-coloured clasps

Dental D Clasps DurAcetal™ (Myerson Tooth Company) are a durable, aesthetic, metal-free acetal resin alternative to metal clasps. Dental D is available in an array of tooth- and tissue-coloured clasps that exhibit long-term colour stability. Nine shades are available which are suited for gingival areas, but not in load-bearing situations.

3. Clear clasps

VisiClear™ (Myerson Tooth Company) is a thermoplastic material for clear clasps which is 100% monomer and nylon free, strong, flexible, and stain resistant.
The combination of acetal resin clasps, a chrome-cobalt framework and conventional acrylic saddles make the appliance aesthetic, strong, tooth and tissue supported, comfortable and easy to reline or add to in the future.